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Add sleeve heads to jackets using a 3" x 7" piece of self fabric folded in half and eased into the sleeve cap prior to setting in sleeve.  Your sleeves will fit and look much nicer.
When clipping curves in seams, always clip on the diagonal; the bias does not ravel.  Also, don't make these clips in the seams directly across from each other and try to make as few as possible to maintain the strength and integrity of the seam. 
Don't be afraid to change the order of construction on a pattern to get a better fit.  For example, putting in darts later then first (as most patterns suggest) can help you get a better fit.  When making a skirt with darts, do your side seams and zipper first, then add your darts to fit you!
Think ahead when constructing something and how it is suppose to turn out, or how you would like it to look and don't be afraid to make changes or add things.  Also, if you don't understand a technique or it doesn't make sense, change it.  Or maybe it's wrong. Yes, pattern companies make mistakes!
When inserting a side zipper on lightweight fabric or fabric on the bias, intereface the seam.  This will help stablize the zipper, give body to the fabric and prevent that rippled zipper bulge.

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